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Sanoxy PS/2 Female to USB Male Passive Adapter

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Do you still use your keyboard that has PS/2 interface? That is really understandable, sometimes it is hard to let go of the products we liked so much but there is one little problem, technology doesn’t stop and computers nowadays getting rid of PS/2 Ports. With Sanoxy’s PS/2 Female to USB Male Passive Adapter you can keep using your PS/2 interface products at the new computers too! With this handy adapter, you can just plug your PS/2 device to one side and USB side to your computers USB port.

Key Features:

  • USB 2.0 Male to PS/2
  • Compatible Devices: Keyboard, Mouse
  • Plug and play adapte
  • No power required

Sanoxy PS/2 Female to USB Male Passive Adapter is available at Sanoxy.com with a suggested retail price of 6.99$

Buy now: https://www.sanoxy.com/ps2-to-usb-adapter-for-old-keyboard-and-mouse.html

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For bulk orders please visit https://www.sanoxy.com/support/business.html

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