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Sanoxy USB 2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure Case 2.5 inch

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We are more mobile than ever as humanity. As life became faster we adapted and changed the way we use things. First computer had the size of a room but we wanted to make it more mobile and now we have laptops, we used to use dvd’s or cd’s to carry data but now we have usb sticks for that and for more expanded storage now we carry our 2.5 inch hard drives with us.

I present you Sanoxy USB 2.0 Exter HDD Enclosure Case. With this product you can simply plug in your 2.5 inch inside and carry it in your bag to anywhere you want. This device has a usb port which means you will be able to plug in any type of computer you have.

Key Features:

  • Screw-less caddy-Slim mirrored steel design.
  • Ultra Slim 2.5inch hard drive enclosure-hard drive is not included
  • Easy portability and Installation
  • Supports plug and play
  • Standard mini USB interface
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 compliant
  • USB 1.1 backwards compatible
  • Only support SATA- Cable included

Hard Drive Enclosure USB External 2.5″ SATA Screw-free is available at Sanoxy.com with a suggested retail price of 12.99$

Buy now: https://www.sanoxy.com/wired-backlit-keyboard-illuminated-gaming-keyboard.html

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About Sanoxy

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